Another Duathlon Come And Gone

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I raced in another duathlon on Tuesday May 27, 2008. I did better than last week. I was about 9 minutes faster this time. I improved by about 8 seconds on the first run, and by approximately 12 minutes on the bike section, and I was about 2 minutes longer on the final run. The bike section made all the difference, and I really have to thank JF at Gords for letting me borrow a road bike so I could see the difference in performance for myself. It was a massive difference to say the least. If I continue to do duathlons and potentially triathlons I will have to look into getting a road bike of my own (or a real triathlon bike).

I was so much slower in the last run leg because I basically walked the first 1.8km of it and jogged the last 200m to the finish line. I didn’t collapse after, so I take it as a positive sign. :)

The big finish! Hi-5!

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