Another Duathlon Come And Gone

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I raced in another duathlon on Tuesday May 27, 2008. I did better than last week. I was about 9 minutes faster this time. I improved by about 8 seconds on the first run, and by approximately 12 minutes on the bike section, and I was about 2 minutes longer on the final run. The bike section made all the difference, and I really have to thank JF at Gords for letting me borrow a road bike so I could see the difference in performance for myself. It was a massive difference to say the least. If I continue to do duathlons and potentially triathlons I will have to look into getting a road bike of my own (or a real triathlon bike).

I was so much slower in the last run leg because I basically walked the first 1.8km of it and jogged the last 200m to the finish line. I didn’t collapse after, so I take it as a positive sign. :)

The big finish! Hi-5!


I Raced In A Duathlon

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Well now, I haven’t had an update to my blog in a very, very long time. So perhaps it is time to reform the habit of adding more noise to the Internet. Because, you know, my life is just so damn interesting that everyone wants to know what I have to say. ;)

So, the scoop is that on May 20, 2008 I raced in a duathlon. I raced in duathlon #3 of a 4 race series at Birds Hill Provincial Park. And even more specifically, I raced in the short duathlon. The short duathlon consisted of a 2k run, 13k bike ride, and a 2k run to finish. It is something to note that I actually did finish the race. I also finished in last place for all age groups and both genders for the short duathlon. To sprinkle a bit more humble pie into the mix, there was a guy in the 50-59 age group for the medium course (basically double everything 4k/24k/4k) who finished 5 minutes before I did. That’s how long I took relative to the field. :)

It didn’t help that I rode a mountain bike for the biking section and everyone else was on road bikes or triathlon bikes.

I do intend to race in the final race of the series on May 27, 2008. However, I am going to borrow a road bike to see how much of a difference it can make to my race time, and my energy levels for the last segment of running.

JF from Gord’s Ski and Cycle snapped some photos of everyone from Gord’s who raced. I put copies of the photos that I am in into a Flickr set on my Flickr account. Below are a couple of images from the set.

Victory is mine!

Gord’s Girls!
(and a few guys – I was too exhausted to stand, so they posed around me!)

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