Winnipeg Fringe Festival Review – Flamenco con Fusion 2

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From the Fringe guide:

Flamenco as you’ve never experienced before! Moving quickfire into the modern world, traditional flamenco meets hip hop for a fabulous fusion of old and new.

The guide also lists a website for the show at: http://www.flamencoflow.com/

The venue for this show was the MTC Warehouse. It is a small professional theatre house that was quite comfortable to sit in for the show. This was the first show I have ever seen at a Fringe festival, and I suppose it was a decent leaping off point. The start felt a bit slow to me. I’m not sure why, but it did. It took me a little while to get into the show.

The guitarist was enjoyable to watch and listen to. There was one segment that really impressed me where he appeared to be picking with both his strumming hand and the hand on the neck of the guitar. I was slightly surprised that an acoustic guitar with pick-ups wasn’t used. The guitar was a non-amplified guitar with an external microphone positioned near the guitar.

The dancing portions of the show were an interesting hybridization of urban dance with the Spanish flamenco. Perhaps hybridization is too strong a word. There were two dancers; one was a male hip hop dancer, and the other was a female flamenco dancer. The staging of the two was in a format of a dance-off against each other. Given that the show was about an hour long, what at first is interesting can grow a bit repetitive after a while. That is exactly what happened from my perspective. Both dancers had a certain number of moves, and after the second round of dancing off against each other, I realized that any more dance-offs were not likely to contribute much more to what was already seen.

The show was enjoyable at an overall level, and I liked the guitar playing enough to buy the guy’s cd on my way out of the theatre.


Those who have enjoyed such privileges

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“Those who have enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.”

- Franklin D. Roosevelt


Google Spreadsheets

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I just found out about Google Spreadsheets, and they once again left me shaking my head with how well they are pushing the web browser as a main-line application interface.

I have a small spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my personal budget. Not that I ever really pay attention to my budget, but I occassionally glance at it. The problem I have had is one of portability. I first created an Excel spreadsheet at work one day, but then needed to use it at home. Then I switched my home OS from XP to a flavour of Linux, and consequently used OpenOffice, which rquired me to re-write some of my macros.

While Google Spreadsheets may not be as advanced as Excel or OpenOffice, it is more than good enough to keep my simple budget spreadsheet for me, and allow me to access it from essentially anywhere.

AJAX just keeps getting cooler by the minute! :)

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