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Here is the first of – I hope – many “Photo Of The Day” posts.

Red River Exhibition, Big Wheel
Red River Exhibition, Big Wheel


A Surprise For My Girlfriend!

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I surprised my gifrlfriend at her work this morning with flowers, chocolate, and a few other small gifts. She and I haven’t seen each other this week, and there is the possibility we wouldn’t have been able to see each other until into next week. Well, I would have none of that. So, despite her threats of ominous bad things that would happen to me if I ever embarrassed her at her work, I decided to live on the edge and surprise her.

I got a floral arrangement made that contained Star Gazer Lillies. I also bought peanut M&M’s which I sorted the orange and green ones out of. She likes the orange ones, but hates the green ones. I tried to point out that there is no flavouring to the colours in M&M’s, but she will have nothing to do with the green ones *sigh*. So, I gave her a bag containing the oranage ones for her to eat; a bag containing the green ones for her to throw at people (she gave them to a co-worker); and the remaining ones to save for when she and I go to a movie.

I also gave her a necklace, and scented candles, etc. I called it a “Keith Survival Kit”, since if I was missing her, she obviously had to be in a complete and utter state of depression at the thought of not seeing me for over a week! ;)

Hearing her say that I made her week makes any future punishment metted out by her (and I am sure I will be made to suffer some time), worth the trouble! :)

Red River Exhibition

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I went to the Red River Ex last night to do some night photography of the fair. I was going to go tonight, but the forecast for today showed thundershowers. In any case, I went to the Ex and had a lot of fun wandering around and snapping pics. I had my tripod fully extended and carried my camera around mounted on it all night. A few people thought I was a press photographer and wanted to know if I was there to cover the “photo-op”.

In the end I shot almost 170 photos, and have already weeded them down to about 120. I’ll be posting some photos from the Ex over the next few weeks as I process them.

I’m also going to change the way I do my photo posts, and limit them to 1 or 2 photos per post at maximum, in order to spread out the photos a bit more.


On A Photo-Processing Roll! (Part 2)

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Here are the rest of the images I have processed from that series (so far).

Conservatory Fountain:
Conservatory Fountain

Watery Leaf:
Watery Leaf

Fern Patterns:
Fern Patterns

Conservatory Flower:
Conservatory Flower

T-Rex! :

New Plant Growth:
New Plant Growth

More to come!

On A Photo-Processing Roll! (Part 1)

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I went back to the photos I took at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory in May, and finally processed some of them. I’ll break the photos up into two blog posts.

Conservatory Flower:
Conservatory Flower

Conservatory Leaf:
Conservatory Leaf

Exotic Leaf:
Exotic Leaf

Conservatory Fern:
Conservatory Fern

Conservatory Flower:
Conservatory Flower

Conservatory Flower:
Conservatory Flower

More to come!


Ethiopian Protest March

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I stumbled across my first opportunity for photojournalism yesterday. I was out with some friends (Dan, Richard, and Donna) from my photography group shooting photos in the downtown area and after we all split up, Donna and I walked around the Market District shooting random shots for practice. Donna spotted a protest march forming up at City Hall, and she and I went to shoot some photos of it. Here are a few of the photos I took.

Ethiopian Protest March:
Go to the gallery (click this photo) to see the full size image – it is very, very wide – a composite of 4 photographs).
Ethiopian Protest March

Ethiopian Protest March:
Ethiopian Protest March

Ethiopian Protest March:
Ethiopian Protest March

Ethiopian Protest March:
Ethiopian Protest March

More to come!

I found a blurb on an Ethiopian News site about this rally which I will repost here:

We had the biggest and successful second rally in Winnipeg Manitoba. Hundreds of residents of the Ethiopia community in Winnipeg were fully participated in this rally.

They were all in black and carrying a coffin in remembering those innocent people who lost their life in the peaceful struggle for a fair election in Ethiopia.

Government officials, Party leaders, University Student Association Presidents and major news media were all attended this big rally. The guest speakers made their words clear to support the peaceful struggle going on in Ethiopia and influence their respective team to put the necessary measures to ensure democracy and freedom in Ethiopia. Mr. Bidhu Jha, MLA for Radisson ,legislation Assistance to Premium of Manitoba, Dr. Garrard MLA, for River Height ,leader of Liberal of Manitoba, Amanda Aziz, president of University of Manitoba Students Union ,and Kate ,President of University of Winnipeg Student Association reflected their strong solidarity with the Ethiopian Community in Winnipeg and promised to address the issue of violation of human right ,arrest and harassment still going on in Ethiopia. More over the guest speakers promised to address this issue to the higher government bodies in Canada.

The rally was broadcasted at 6:00PM news on Global TV. The [...] Ethiopian Community was addressing the seriousness of this problem in Ethiopia through their slogans as follows:

  • Canada stands for Justice!
  • Canada stands for democracy!
  • Canada stands for Peace!
  • We need no massacre!
  • We need no dictator!
  • We need no terror!
  • We want Justice!
  • We want democracy!
  • We want Peace!

This rally is believed to continue until the fulfillment of justice and democracy for the people of Ethiopia.

New Photos Today!

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I finished processing some photos tonight. I went down to the market district to photograph the Jazz band playing today, and ran into a couple mounted police officers who gave me permission to take a few pictures.

Why Such A Long Face?:
Why Such A Long Face?

Self Portrait Through A Horse’s Eye:
Self Portrait Through A Horse's Eye

Patrol Horse #1:
Patrol Horse #1

Patrol Horse #2:
Patrol Horse #2

More to come!


A Couple More To Ponder

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I finished processing a couple more photos last night:

Abandoned Farm In Sepia:
Abandoned Farm In Sepia

Texture Tree (Abstract):
Texture Tree (Abstract)

More to come!


More New Photos

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Here are a few I took today:

Winging It! (Abstract):
Winging It! (Abstract)

Cool Rider (Abstract):
Cool Rider (Abstract)

Aurora (Abstract):
Aurora (Abstract)

More to come!

Michael Yon Tries To Interview A General

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Michael Yon has a new blog post detailing his long journey to get an interview with a Command Sergeant Major in Iraq. It looks like he is getting the interview, and more posts will follow as a result.

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