Weekly weigh in?

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I’ll probably regret this at some point, but I will post a weekly weigh-in in this blog to keep track of any progress I make. I will weigh myself after I take my morning shower.

So, today’s weight is: 233 lbs.

For reference, I am 5′9″ and 35 years old (36 in April). I guess that weight number doesn’t really have any significance until I do a few more weeks of weigh-ins so it will be the baseline. My doctor told me (he used some kinda wheel-chart) that I should weigh about 172 lbs, so I am rather disturbed to know I am that overweight. I always knew that I was, but I never thought it was that severe. My plan is to get to 180 or below….

As a side note, I haven’t had a headache or dizzyness since I slightly increased my food consumption and began using the humus to dip. Though, some people who are on this diet have told me that they experienced similar symptoms themselves the first few days they started in Phase 1 and attribute the headaches to your body going through withdrawl now that you aren’t cramming it full of all kinds of bad shit. I like to think that is what it is as well :)


A possible headache solution?

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I decided to go back to the community support site I had found a few days ago and read. It turns out there is a FAQ for Phase 1 with a question exactly about what I am feeling. It seems the answer is that I need more carbs. I guess I have been restricting too much which actually runs counter to one of the ideas of the diet that you should eat until you feel satisfied. I am going to buy some hummus tomorrow to try and get more beans (hummus has chick peas as its main ingredient) into my diet (using the hummus as a dip for my raw veggies). Just reading that post has made me feel a lot better. Though to be fair, the headache is not as bad right now as it was yesterday.

Headaches still abound…

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I still am getting headaches. My menu for today is basically the same as yesterday, but I still have a headache, and I am mildly light-headed at times. I wonder if I am still paying the price for missing dinner, or if I am doing something wrong on this diet.


Not feeling so good….

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Last night was busy! I met with my accountant to get my taxes done, and then I went shopping for 3 hours. I have never been grocery shopping that long in my life. I spent $239 and still didn’t get everything on the list I made (I went through the 2-week Phase 1 list in the book and wrote out each unique item to purchase). I got home dead tired. I basically put all the groceries away, sat in my easy-chair for about 30 minutes and then went to bed for the night (take note how I didn’t mention eating dinner – bad move).

So, today is the first day of the South Beach Diet for me. My original plan of eating for the day looked something like this:

  • B. omlette (w/green onion & green pepper), 2 Canadian back bacon, and a cup of V8
  • S. 1 cheese string
  • L.Salad (romaine lettuce, tomato, green pepper, red pepper, cucumber, olive oil, balsamic vinegar,salt, and fresh cracked pepper) with 1 can tuna (drained)
  • S. 1/2 cup low fat (1%) cottage cheese and 10 or so grape tomatoes, and 1 wedge light laughing cow cheese
  • D.undecided

However, remember that part about me not eating supper the previous night? Well it came back to haunt me. By 10am I was absolutely ravenous. I ate my mid morning snack and was getting dizzy and had a headache that wouldn’t go away. So I broke down and went and bought a pack of sesame snaps and ate them – they helped take most of the edge off, though I still felt hungry and had a headache.

By the afternoon snack I was going batty again, and went and bought a bag of pistachios. I counted out 30 of them (the allowed serving size) and ate them. Again it helped, but I still had a headache and was feeling a touch light-headed.

I obviously survived, but man this was not fun at all.

Maybe it will get better tomorrow.


Ok, I’m hooked!

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Wow, the South Beach Diet is acutally quite amazing in its simplicity. The thing that impresses me the most is you don’t deprive yourself of any basic food types. Instead you make intelligent choices (i.e. “good” carbs vs “bad” carbs).

I also did a bit of Googling and discovered www.southbeach-diet-plan.com which is a community site for people on the SBD. The site looks quite interesting. I will read the forums more when I get a chance. My plan as of right now is to buy all the groceries I need for the SBD Phase 1 on Wednesday night, and start the SBD on Thursday.

A healthy awakening

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I was discussing my desire to improve my lifestyle with a colleague at work and he suggested I look into the “South Beach Diet” (SBD hereafter). I told him I don’t like the idea of diets, and wanted to do something long-term. He explained the premise of the SBD to me and how its approach is a long term (life time) approach. I went out at lunch and bought both the basic book, and the recipe book. I am going to read the book tonight to see how I like it.


Some not so great news…

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I had a physical today. It was my the first physical I have had in about 18 months. It was not the most fun I have ever had. I learned that I have diabetes (type 2), my LDL cholesterol is extremely low, and my liver counts are wrong (probably due to a fatty liver according to my doctor).

The outlook isn’t all bad though. At Christmas I was a little too over-indulgent in the junk-food area, and gained weight. When I realized I had put extra weight on, I decided to do some self-adjusting of my eating habits, and consequently started snacking on carrots at work. I also brought lunch at least 2 days a week (baby steps!). Finally, I hadn’t been much a breakfast eater in recent years, but decided to start drinking a meal-replacement drink for breakfast so I wouldn’t feel as hungry earlier in the day. It all seemed to be working a bit – I did drop some (very little) weight. Then I had my physical.

I let my doctor know about my dietary changes since late December, and he agreed it was a good start, but that I should make a stronger effort. He did say it was good that I had started, since he typically had to talk his patients into making lifestyle changes, and I was obviously doing it already on my own.

He told me that typically someone with my bloodsugar should start on some medications, but I told him that I would not do that immediately. I wanted to give my new dietary habits a chance to take root and see if they could improve my numbers. He actually agreed to this saying that he often does this with his patients, giving them 3 or 6 (for the really beligerent ones) months to make lifestyle changes that will improve their body chemistry. I did tell him that if I didn’t see improvement in 3 months I would begin the medication.

I will have to make some stronger life decisions in the days ahead about how I am going to face this.

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