Let’s all goose-step with the CRTC!

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I was absolutely astounded to read a post on the Digital Home Canada Forums stating that the CRTC is forcing Bell ExpressVu to change their satellite card encryption technology, or else possibly lose their license.

How insane is the CRTC? Wait until they hear about pirating in the music industry, we’ll all have to run out and buy new CD players as they mandate the old ones not secure enough.

Shouldn’t it be up to the industry to decide when/if to switch encryption? When Bell feels they have lost enough money to people who pirate their signal one of two things would probably happen.

  1. They ignore it and continue to lose money, or
  2. They decide they have lost too much to pirates and by their own choice, investigate ways to address it without having a Government Commission tell them how/when they need to.

This country is too depressing at times.


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I guess many people use their blogs as a sort of public diary, and in that vein…

I am taking Japanese lessons from the Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (I’ll post a link later if I can find one). I just finished lesson 2 last night, and it is a damn cool language (so far). I just need to make sure I set aside enough time to study the lessons each week. I didn’t between week 1 and 2, and I could tell that some people did study based on their comfort level (i.e. speed) when speaking the phrases we covered in week 1.

When I signed up for the Japanese language lessons, I also signed up for a mini-course the cultural centre offers in Shodo (Japanese caligraphy). It is only six classes long (every Sunday for 1 hour), but it was a lot of fun. Although, I truly do suck at it, I am looking forward to getting better. I think the instructor took particular glee in having us make our own ink before we could start. However, it was an interesting experience. I think I might buy a cheap japanese caligraphy set so I can practice at home as well.


The charge for the X-Prize

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I’m a geek. I love stuff like the dream of commercialization of space flights, etc. So, I was rather excited to see that SpaceShipOne is finally taking a run at getting the $10M X-Prize.

I wish them the best of luck, and hope they do it!


Citizen! CITIZEN! You will submit control of your body to us!

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The Freeway to Serfdom has an entry today showing just how little the government gives a shit about whether your body is yours to control.

The audacity of this overwhelms me. What next? “Citizen! CITIZEN! We feel you are not getting enough flouride in your toothpaste! YOU MUST USE OUR NEW LIBERAL(tm) BRAND OF TOOTHPASTE! All other toothpastes are now outlawed! Return to what you were doing citizen.”

Utter crock of shit! If I want to pay someone out of my own pocket to see whether or not my arteries are getting clogged, its none of the government’s god damn business.

I hope these exam vans all pull up at major Canadian border crossings and advertize like hell that they are there. With any luck a mass stream of Canadians will make the journey, pay the $200USD price, and come away with either piece of mind, or an earlier warning of potential health issues. And they should all be given bumper stickers that say “My Body Is MY OWN”.

Oh, and many thanks to G for telling me about this and winding me up enough to actually make another blog entry.

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